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Pay cash

If you have enough to pay for a vehicle up front then you'll enjoy the advantage of only paying the purchase price, with no interest or fees, plus the car will be yours with no security registered against it, right from day one. Of course, the cash you used won't be available for anything else, whether it's that dream holiday or a rainy day.

Bottom line:

Paying cash is a good option if you have the cash now and will still have enough left over for your other needs.


The advantages of taking out a loan is that you can get the car you want now, with little or no deposit, and you'll still have your savings or other credit facilities if you need them for something else. With this option you pay interest, but you can talk to MTF Finance about ways to minimise the cost of your loan.

Bottom line:

Borrowing is a good option if you don't have the money now but want to own the motor vehicle as soon as possible.


Vehicle leasing is a cost-effective way to enjoy the use of a car without the responsibility of owning it. There's no initial outlay and payments may be lower than loan repayments. Because you never actually own the vehicle, you can easily upgrade to a newer model at the end of the lease term.

Bottom line:

Vehicle leasing is a cost-effective option if you use your vehicle for business, plan to use the vehicle for a fixed period of time or like to upgrade your car regularly.