Loan calculator

The loan calculator on the MTF Finance Website provides an estimate only and is not an offer of finance.

  • Estimated repayments are based on a loan paid in equal monthly instalments over the full loan term.
  • Your interest rate may be lower or higher depending on your credit history and other factors as determined by MTF Finance.
  • Estimated repayments do not include optional Payment waiver.

See interest rates and fees for more information

Online application terms

When you apply online with MTF Finance, we collect information from you. It’s important to us that you understand what we may do with that information.

See Application terms and credit check for more details.

Loan approval

Personal loans

The final decision to approve a loan is at MTF Finance’s sole and absolute discretion. Approval will not be unreasonably withheld if you meet the following conditions.

  1. You must provide a signed and completed MTF Finance Application for Finance with supporting documentation, including:
    1. a valid New Zealand driver licence
    2. bank account statements showing the last 90 days including borrower name, address and bank account number
    3. proof of address – for example, a bank statement, phone or power bill, rates, NZ government documentation or insurance confirmation.
  2. You must consent to MTF Finance completing a credit check and an outstanding court fines check.

If you provide the documents above and satisfy MTF Finance credit criteria, we can usually approve your loan on the same day.

We may not be able to approve your loan within that time period (or at all) if:

  • you do not provide the documents above,
  • you fail to meet our credit criteria, or
  • MTF Finance or third party systems are not available.

All decisions are subject to responsible lending inquiries and checks. We will work with you to explore other options if we are unable to approve your loan.

Business loans

Business loans are subject to these and other conditions.

See Understand your business loan for more information


These Terms of use include everything that you and we have agreed relating to their subject matter, and take the place of any other representations or communications made by us.

If any of these terms are illegal or unenforceable, these terms will be read as if the term had never been included.

We don’t waive any rights that we have under or relating to these terms just because we don’t exercise them, or only partly exercise them. And it doesn’t mean that we can’t exercise those rights again, or exercise other rights.

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Standard terms

We’re transparent about what is in our contract. These are the standard terms for all of our finance products.

Payment waiver

Payment waiver may take care of your repayments if you have a major life event such as redundancy, injury, serious illness or even death.

Mechanical breakdown insurance

With Autosure mechanical breakdown insurance (MBI) you may be covered if your vehicle has an unexpected mechanical or electrical problem.

Comprehensive insurance

MTF Finance has partnered with Autosure to provide comprehensive insurance and is available to protect you if your vehicle is involved in an accident or stolen.