How it works

We purchase the vehicle you want, and lease it to you. You can use the vehicle for the term of the lease, and at the end of the term the vehicle is offered for sale.

When you take out the lease, we’ll agree on a residual value for the vehicle. If the net sale proceeds are more than the residual value, we’ll pay you the difference. If the net sale proceeds are less than the residual value, you pay us the difference.

Finance lease features

  • Long-term vehicle lease of 46 to 48 months.
  • There are fixed payments for the term of the lease.
  • We offer a maintenance option to cover servicing costs.

Advantages of a finance lease

If you are a business customer:

  • you may be able to claim GST on the principal portion of each instalment
  • the interest portion of your payments may be tax deductible
  • the asset is recorded on your balance sheet, so you can also claim depreciation.

Contact your nearest approved dealer to explore your vehicle leasing options.

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