Each is unique, with a very different budget.

There isn't a ‘one size fits all’ wedding outfit or wedding day. MTF Finance Fraser Street customer and owner of her own company, Sonya shared her tips and insights for making your day truly memorable and affordable.

Three top tips to save money straight off the bat?

● Have a midweek wedding or non-traditional wedding

● Have a venue that is BYO for both food & beverage

● Source flowers and cakes from places where you can avoid specifying it's for a wedding.

"Remember this is the most important day to you; it's not your guest's most important day."

Sonya Nicol

All weddings are special, but which ones stand out?

As Sonya reflects on which weddings have been the most memorable, we don't hear her saying, "this one had a massive, expensive ice swan feature" or "that one had a custom-made marquee worth $10,000". What she did describe, however, was how the weddings made her and the guests feel. The authentic emotion and deliberate choices that emphasised celebrating with friends and family are what mattered.

Your wedding will be special at any budget. When asked how couples can save money on their wedding, Sonya responded with “how long is a piece of string” - the options are endless.

Sonya is not beating around the bush with the following comment: "Remember this is the most important day to you; it's not your guest's most important day. Identify what you want at your wedding; weddings aren't competitions, so don't make choices to impress your guests. That's an expensive mistake”.

Save the cost

Party favours are a great idea but mostly left behind or forgotten. Table decorations look the part but take up a lot of room, get destroyed by food platters and end up being thrown away at the end; go with something simple.

Spend the money - non-negotiables

Photography and videography. Sonya says that this should be a mandatory requirement in your planning, whether you elope or have a grand event. "The day passes so quickly. You will want to look back on it in detail."

Legally, you only need a celebrant, a couple and two witnesses. Everything else is up to you.

Ready to start planning? According to Sonya, you should start with the guest list. The rest of the decisions flow from here - the budget, the venue, the season, the accessibility.
Be firm on your needs and wants, do your research before and understand that you can't have everything - it’s just not realistic.

Download our handy planner here to help you take care of the rest.

So now that you've put a ring on it - let's help you put a ring around it. If you need a loan to help make it your best day ever, we'll carefully assess your application and review your budget so we can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. Because every wedding is unique and special, our wedding loans are tailored to suit and clearly explained, so there are no surprises.

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Sonya Nicol - Wedding Celebrant