And there’s no one better to ask about lending and goals than an MTF Finance franchise owner like Greg Harnett, who has been in finance for 25+ years, and established the MTF Finance Kerikeri office back in 2021. Greg’s sorted out loans for everything from hearing aids to eBikes, and commercial fridges to family trips overseas, so he knows the real impact of a personal loan.

Tools of the trade

Whether you’ve been craving a full suite of graphics software or a highly specialised piece of farming kit, a loan from MTF Finance might be just what you need to invest in your trade.

Loans for tools and hardware are a popular choice at MTF Finance Kerikeri. “The average cost of tools for a new builder for instance is about $5,500 – and that can be a lot when you’re starting out, or coming in from overseas and still settling in. So we like to sort tradies out with two- or three-year loans, which are easy to service and get tradies on the road faster and without straining budgets.”

Loans are ideal for all kinds of businesses. “Recently, I completed a loan for a commercial printer for a client, who wanted to offer better services for his customers. I also helped a customer bring in a cosmetics laser. They could be big business expenses – but instead, they became manageable loans that helped them get ahead.”

The flexibility of MTF Finance loans allows you to acquire the tools you need without straining your budget. Experience the transformation in your work, and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without the upgraded gear!

Man inside his work van

Education and upskilling

Is 2024 your time to pick up a new trade or upskill while you’re working? A personal loan can offer the freedom to study towards your dream career or invest your time in that qualification you’ve been eyeing up.

“Upskilling can be a smart career choice, or help you feel more fulfilled by helping you pursue something you’ve always wanted to do”

Greg Harnett, owner of MTF Finance Kerikeri

Maybe you want to get a mentor to teach you or take six weeks off work and travel to a specialist course – expenses that can’t be covered by a student loan. Even taking one paper at a time might be easier with a loan. The opportunities are endless, with a loan to support you along the way.

Making your house a home

Tidying up your home – whether to get it ready for the market or just to spruce it up – can be a massive undertaking. While a bucket of paint is often a manageable expense, a home renovation loan can make or break a bigger renovation project like doing up the kitchen, adding on a room, or fixing a roof.

Securing a loan earlier means you often get to fix rates and costs. And with builders busier than ever and costs only going up, a loan can help you lock in today’s rates for later down the line.

Greg shares that loans can be a serious help when it comes to making the move from renting to owning: “A handful of young people have been able to use loans to get sleepouts and put them on their parents’ land – which means they can take it along to their own place eventually.”

Man painting the exterior of a house

Wedding season

Planning a wedding is a joyous endeavour – but with catering, a photographer, flowers, venue and rentals, costs can quickly rack up. An elopement might set you back a couple of hundred dollars, but a backyard wedding can easily sponge up $3,500. The typical Kiwi wedding? Anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000.

A loan is a great way to help the happy couple celebrate their special day without financial strain. “We’ve financed a few wedding loans,” says Greg. “In Northland, people often get married on beautiful family land – so those loans are often for hiring tents or marquees, and catering. And we get sent the lovely family photos after the day, so we get to share in the incredible days.”

With a wedding loan, you can book your Instagram-worthy locations and outfits well in advance. Tailored to your specific needs, you can cover expenses ranging from the perfect venue and catering to accommodation and honeymoon plans – and spend more time thinking about your big day!

MTF Finance is more than just a lending institution. We’re in the community, and here to see you thrive. Whether you're pursuing education, upgrading tools, renovating your home, or planning a wedding, MTF Finance offers personalised loans to make your aspirations a reality.

With a commitment to transparency, flexibility, and community support, MTF Finance is your trusted ally on the path to success. Talk to your local MTF Finance team today.