We caught up with Simon Jackson, a business loan superstar at MTF Finance Northlands and member of Papanui’s business group, about business loans and the difference they can make.

Making change happen

A secured or unsecured business loan can finance new equipment, vehicles, tools, office equipment, and machinery – so if you’re dreaming of it, then a business loan can help you get the ball rolling. That’s the message from Simon, having seen the change that business loans have made to his community.

Whether you’re a sole trader wanting to start a business or well-established and ready to grow, then a business loan can help you reach your goals.

Simon Jackson, owner of MTF Finance Northlands

So what kind of assets can be put on a loan?

A lot. Simon’s team has financed such diverse assets as walk-in freezers, gutter-rolling machines for a roofer, signwriting equipment, geotech core sampling machines, computers and office equipment, lots of diggers and excavation equipment, tree-felling machinery, food trailers, vehicles and more.

“We had one client who had a change in career and wanted to buy a particular mower. That was the first thing he needed to secure some contracts and jobs, becoming his own boss. Without that loan, he would have been a bit stuck. Since then, he’s grown and grown – it’s really rewarding.”

Virtually any asset can be part of a business loan, because all sorts of businesses are needed to support our communities. What we need to know if we’re lending is how you are going to use it!

The team at MTF Finance Northlands

The team at MTF Finance Northlands

So who can get a business loan?

As Simon explains, we talk with such a huge variety of people – and like to say “Yes” to as many of them as possible.

“When we see someone out there trying to do something in the world, get established, well, I take my hat off to them. They’ve obviously got some nous and are willing to give it a go. So if we’re able to assist them with their goals, then we’ll do what we can.”

The ability to get a loan often largely comes down to an individual or business’s statement of position and bit of due diligence at our end, plus getting a good sense of what goes beyond the balance sheet.

“Even someone who has a job and wants to start a side gig, or has recently become redundant but has a skillset that they’re going to apply – we’re happy to look at the case and see what we can organise. We like to look at the person who’s applying, not just the balance sheet.”

How does an MTF Finance loan compare with a bank?

Lending rates will be competitive no matter whether you’re looking for a loan via your bank or a specialist lender. But Simon’s quick to point out that rates only make up part of the lending picture.

“We’re a cell phone call away, not an 0800 number away. You can pick up the phone or walk into any of our offices and talk with the person who’s going to be the one to approve your loan and work with you long-term. We’re part of our communities, and that means that we’re really invested in seeing our locals grow their businesses – because it helps lift up everyone.”

Plus, most MTF Finance loans are approved on the same day that we get the information – not a month later, as Simon points out often takes the banks.

“If crops need harvesting, plumbing or power need fixing, your café needs a machine, or cows need milking, then you can’t wait four weeks for the bank to get back to you. We do it on the same day – which means you keep moving forward, and get paid sooner. It’s a little thing, but it makes a huge difference.”

Choosing MTF Finance

Whether you dream of owning a café, need some tools of the trade or a loan for your next fleet vehicle, MTF Finance has the local experts who can help you get ahead.

With no middlemen or delays, and flexible repayment options to suit your cash flow, we make it easy for you to access the funds you need to start your business, expand, renovate, or transform your operations.

Find out more about business loans from MTF Finance and start your next big journey today.