"Dad bought a bike for my brother, and I wanted one too!" says Avalon, fondly recalling her memories of starting at the age of five. Because she started so young, Avalon became accustomed to the beautiful ease of the automatic transmission. A far cry from the frustrations of getting used to the clutch for the track.

"I empathise with people learning because I remember how frustrated I was with it." says Avalon, "People forget what it's like to learn something from scratch."


Avalon Biddle, 2022

Here are Avalon's top two pieces of advice for people just starting:

One - build the cost of the gear into the price you're willing to pay. Do not skimp on safety gear; you can add this cost to your borrowed amount. Expect to pay between $1,500 - $2,500 for safety gear and when it comes to buying that first bike - start simple.

"You can always upgrade your bike - go for the one you can manage and maintain."

Two - Stick with it. It's like learning how to drive again; patience is critical.

"Always be open and receptive to new things - it's how you improve. 'When in doubt, gas it out' typically, when people panic on the bike, they close the gas and hit the brakes, and that's when trouble happens. Stay calm and ride out."

Riding solo or in a group - what’s the preference?

It doesn't matter to Avalon - a ride is a ride. A solo ride provides flexibility and relaxation while riding in a group has social advantages. Regardless of what you choose to do, concentration is a must. As a road safety ambassador, Avalon insists that people take their time and don't give into peer pressure to go faster.

"Riders are hypervigilant when out on the roads; it's a safety benefit but can get exhausting. Take your time, plan a couple of stops along the way."

Avalon Biddle, MTF Finance Brand Ambassador

So, in Av's opinion, what are the five top reasons to ride?

  • sense of freedom
  • the solitude of the bike
  • speed (in safe, controlled environments)
  • the mechanics
  • the community

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Avalon Biddle, 2022