Here comes the bride, all dressed like a boss!

MTF Finance Fraser Street owner Lauren got married in 2019. The happy couple celebrated their day with friends and family before the world went into lockdown. "Lucky!" she says; having all her loved ones together was one of her favourite parts of the wedding. A non-negotiable for this stunning bride was wearing trousers on the day. With a nod to the traditional white outfit, Lauren made it hers with a fresh take on a wedding dress.

"If we could do it again, we would lengthen the day!"

Lauren - MTF Finance Fraser Street

A smooth ride!

Rachael squealed with excitement when she heard the official pronouncement of "Mr & Mrs". Everything from getting ready to the speeches was a highlight for Rachael; the whole day was electric. A non-negotiable for Rachael and her partner was the guest list. They wanted to make sure that the very special people in their lives were there. The big regret from the day was that they didn't have a videographer. The day was magical and went in a blink of an eye. A video brings the moments back to life in a day where so many memories are made.

"A videographer would have been amazing, there was a lot of fun and laughter."

Rachael - MTF Finance Fraser Street

Keeping it simple for maximum enjoyment

Becky and her partner decided to elope instead. When they imagined their wedding day, standing in front of a crowd wasn't what they saw so it's not what they did. Standing with their children and parents, they could focus on what mattered most: their family.

"I am a nervous person, so there was no way I could have stood in front of a big crowd," said Becky. “We decided to spend our money on the honeymoon, which is exactly what we did. We spent three weeks overseas."

"I am a nervous person, so there was no way I could have stood in front of a big crowd"

Becky - MTF Finance Fraser Street

So now that you've put a ring on it - let's help you put a ring around it. If you need a loan to help make it your best day ever, we'll carefully assess your application and review your budget so we can help you achieve the wedding of your dreams. Because every wedding is unique and special, our wedding loans are tailored to suit and clearly explained, so there are no surprises.

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