Use your money more wisely

GC: This is something that John Davidson at MTF Finance New Lynn talked about recently, but it bears repeating.

If you’ve already got the cash, then you could use it on your next vehicle. But a loan keeps that cash liquid for surprise bills or that next holiday, or other investments. You can use your cash to get what you want, and use a loan to get ahead.

If you get a loan for your business, you might be able to claim on the interest at tax time. Plus, a good loan repayment history is great for your credit profile and a sure-fire way to help negotiate better deals with lower interest rates in the future.

The service you deserve

You’ll know how hard it is these days to get one-to-one relationships when you need finance - it seems you’re always getting palmed off to another Rep, or bounced around a call centre that may not even be in the country.

At MTF Finance Penrose, so many of our clients have dealt with the same person from the start to the end of their loan terms. Having one point of contact makes a big difference to the experience, whether for one year or five, and we work alongside you to make sure you’re getting what you need to help meet your own goals.

That’s why about 75% of our customers come back to us - because we put in the effort, and you’ll know that we’ve got your back. Trust is big for us, and you don’t do great things without the right people by your side.

With a wealth of knowledge and a passion for the community, our personal attention to your financial needs and goals is second to none. Whether it’s a car for the family, a tractor for the business or a boat for the weekend, contact your local office to find out what makes us different.

Keeping it super simple

It might mean a lot of work at the ‘back end’ for us, but the reality is that we make sure our loans are straightforward and easy for our clients. It starts with conversations; this is how we get to know you and your lifestyle, what kinds of payments you’d like to make, and what’s going to suit you.

But we also want to work with you if your situation changes. Got the money and want to finish your loan early? Done. Dealing with something that’s making payments difficult? Let’s talk about what you need to get back on your feet. Need the payment to come out the day after it was planned? Give us a call.

We want to make it seriously easy, so we can take the stress out of your financing decision and help you get ahead.

Rates and responsible lending

We’re all about educating our customers and helping them see exactly what they’re getting when they ‘sign on the line’.

Transparency is big for us, so if you’re not a homeowner, or you’ve only just got a new job, then we explain why you might be considered to have a higher risk than someone who’s been in the same house and the same job for ten years. But if you set yourself up with a good payment history, then you may get a better rate next time you borrow.

We also want to keep you out of the red. I’ve got a large number of customers, and a few were put into a difficult situation because of the pandemic. So we got onto the phone to all of them, and worked with them to develop a postponed payment plan. They could keep putting food on the table while we pushed out their loan timeline. I’m pleased to say that they’re now all back in the black.

Grant Cashmore

Grant Cashmore, co-owner MTF Finance Penrose

From real horses to steel horses – a little about Grant

I used to be a fulltime equestrian rider, and represented New Zealand at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

My father, Warwick Cashmore, was a car dealer throughout my childhood and actually up until very recently. He had been a car dealer, offering MTF Finance to his customers, since the early days of the company. It was natural for me to go into business with him and eventually take over MTF Finance Penrose.

We’ve taken the same approach since day dot: we’re straight as an arrow, and we like to cut out the money-handling middlemen and tell people how it is. We want people to understand the options out there so they can make the best decision for them, their families, and often their business. This means they can get out there and succeed faster!

Looking for a new vehicle? Talk to one of our MTF Finance approved dealers or our MTF Finance offices.