Round 3 - 2022

Lucia Georgalli

Lucia Georgalli – Sport

Lucia is one to watch!

Currently third in NZ women's rankings, Lucia has done the work to succeed. This scholarship will get her onto international snow fields to gain more experience and training opportunities. Her natural talent, propensity to work hard through injury and the other challenges of being a winter sports athlete means she is well-placed to represent NZ.

Joel Douglas

Joel Douglas - Sport

Joel is one of the most driven junior athletes in New Zealand

This scholarship will enable Joel to compete in Europe and supplement the cost of a time-trial bike. Joel's determination to succeed and exceptional aptitude for cycling make him a standout New Zealand athlete. A natural leader with the resilience and commitment to go very far in his sport.

A ballet dancers feet en pointe

Sonia Woods - Music & Arts

Sonia’s success is a testament to her hard work and determination

Sonia has danced since the age of four and what she has achieved to date is remarkable. Currently, she attends one of the top ballet schools in the world, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School, a prestigious pre-professional ballet training program for the American Ballet Theatre.

Nikau Chater

Nikau Chater - Music & Arts

Nikau is the best talent out of Kawarau since Dame Kiri Te Kawana - you can take our word for it!

An outstanding role model and performer - this singer-songwriter is an all-round performer, meaning there is not much Nikau can't do. This scholarship will enable Nikau to produce demos which will make her eligible for NZ on Air Funding - so her gift can be shared with NZ and beyond.


Sofia Olan - Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Sofia is an outstanding leader with a very bright future

Sofia quietly achieves remarkable outcomes, a pivotal member of a start-up with big plans to change how mental health support for youth is managed within New Zealand. This scholarship would act as the first investment into Sofia's initiative for changes within government policy.


Elliot Jones - Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Elliot is fiercely determined to change how people think when they hear 'dyslexia'

He is an exceptional entrepreneurial talent with ambition, ability, and a long list of awards and achievements. Elliot hopes his documentary Unlocking Potential will invite a more open and thriving narrative about how dyslexia can take you places you may never have imagined. Elliot is well on his way to becoming a great New Zealand success story.

Round 2 - 2021

Cormac Buchanan

Cormac Buchanan, winner round 2

Taking the motorcycling world by storm

Cormac currently represents New Zealand in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Europe. He is the 2021 New Zealand champion for both the 300 SuperSport and 150 SuperSport, winning the titles at the New Zealand Superbike Championship series – the youngest rider in history.


Analise Twemlow, winner round 2

Up-and-coming singer songwriter and now Future Legends Scholarship winner

Analise featured as one of the leads in the TVNZ series Unbreakable. Her story of overcoming a disability in a bid to follow their dream gave her the confidence to perform to live audiences as a singer.


Kairos, winner round 2

Kairos is a little start-up making big changes in the education sector

Charlotte Print and Nandini Singh developed the programme to empower, educate and enable students to reach their academic dreams, and break the cycle of lower education rates across low decile families.

Round 1 - 2021

Claudia Kelly

Claudia Kelly, winner of round 1

Rising to the top through hard work and determination

At 19 years of age, surf lifesaver Claudia Kelly is at the top of her game; crowned World Junior Ironwoman Champion, captaining the Junior Black Fins for the past three years and being named in the open Black Fins training squad for this coming season.

Winner - Individual - Cory - Large.jpg

Cory Newman, winner round 1

Turning a passion into a career

Cory Newman is the lead singer of the band Sit Down In Front. His musical style has been described as ‘infectiously fun’ and akin to that of a young Johnny Rotten. Cory’s goal over the next 12 months is to record an EP and go on tour to promote it. He would eventually like to be a full-time musician, turning his passion into his career.

Winner - Individual - John - Large.jpg

John Hopcroft, winner round 1

Developing perspective through debate

John is a teenager with opinions, and he likes to share them. He is the Founder and CEO of The Cosmos Championship, a global debate platform that is changing what debating means to high school students around the globe, with over 5,000 registrations from 108 countries.

Since 1970 MTF Finance has been helping New Zealanders to do more. This scholarship allowed young Kiwis to further develop their knowledge and skill, so they can take on new challenges and experiences that may not otherwise be available.