“MTF Finance has strong growth aspirations, and to achieve these, we need to transform our technology systems. But for us, technology is not all about automation and reducing costs - rather our core focus is on human interaction and how we make borrowing simpler and more transparent.” says Chris Lamers, CEO.

Dan said he was attracted to the role because “MTF Finance is a terrific New Zealand business with massive potential, one which resonates strongly with customers and partners alike. I have a real passion for working with organisations that put the New Zealand customer front and centre, and the MTF Finance team clearly feels the same.”

Dan’s career has been focused on leading customer-led, technology-driven transformations across a wide range of industries in New Zealand and the UK. He joins MTF Finance following 13 years of executive leadership in the New Zealand financial services sector, with a track record of delivery under brands such as AA Insurance, Suncorp, and Fidelity Life.

“Dan’s knowledge and skills mean he is not just about using technology to create efficiency but is about creating great customer experiences as well. MTF Finance’s unique business model of 50 locally owned franchises and a large vehicle dealer network means we need to provide tools not just to customers, but also our franchises and dealers to make their job easier. Our focus on great technology solutions allows them to spend more time helping customers.” Chris Lamers, CEO.