The MTF Finance vehicles get a real workout every year, spending thousands of hours on the road and racking up quite a fuel bill. What was needed was a reliable, economical and environmentally friendly way to get around.

We’re stoked to be partnered with Auto Distributors NZ, providing our staff with the brand-new Opel Mokka vehicles - designed to offer a perfect balance of reliability, performance and reduced CO2 emissions.

Says MTF Finance CEO Chris Lamers, “It’s about striking a balance over the entire network. Because we need to meet our customers wherever they are, local MTF Finance offices around the country sometimes need vehicles that can manage off-road conditions. When we were looking for new sales vehicles we considered a number of options, and found the Opel Mokkas fuel efficiency actually had a lower CO2 output than many PHEVs.”

The purchase was facilitated by ADNZ National Fleet Manager Dave Tomlinson, who was positive that the Opel vehicles would be a great fit for us.

“We are very excited by the relationship with MTF Finance. When we brought Opel to New Zealand we knew that forward-thinking businesses like MTF Finance would align with the sustainability messaging of the brand, and we are thrilled to have them partner with us on the journey to a greener New Zealand.”