John is the Founder and CEO of The Cosmos Championship, a global debate platform that is changing what debating means to high school students around the globe.

“We’re undergoing significant developments in terms of direction and scale, evolving from a global online debating competition and more towards a self-sustaining platform. In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working with advisors and stakeholders to reach the scale we’re aiming for”.

John’s motivation is for young people from anywhere around the world to have the opportunity to engage with other perspectives through positive and constructive argument. From the moment John’s future Legend Scholarship application was received, we knew that this platform had the potential to encourage positive change in how young people learn to debate, negotiate and form opinions - we couldn’t wait to help John do more in this space!

The scholarship has assisted John with the operational costs of the business and travel to networking events. Building connections and being able to attend events has been a key strategy for John.

“One thing I like to ask is “Who do you think I should speak to next?”. I feel the impression left is very important in terms of who I can work with”.

One of the most important things that he has learnt this year is the importance of leaving a ‘lasting impression’ with anyone that he talks to or works with, as these connections often perpetuate themselves.

John says that while he is busy with university applications for next year he’s also working to adapt and scale up the business.

“Next year we will continue with our plans and reach significant milestones while doing so, ultimately allowing any and every teenager to turn belligerent disagreement into productive discourse”

MTF Finance is proud to support our Future Legends as they take on the challenges that lie ahead, bounding over obstacles in their pursuit to do more and realise their goals.

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