Songwriter Cory Newman has used lockdown as a research opportunity. The winner of the MTF Finance Future Legends Scholarship says it gave him time to go through his back catalogue of classic rock, after all - research is key!

“An album I’ve really fallen back on is Linkin Park’s Minutes to Midnight’. Which is an album I’ve appreciated ever since it came out. I’ve always loved it”.

Outside of lockdown Cory’s band, Sit Down in Front, have been busy recording their five-song EP. The EP features a single from New Zealand music legend Tiki Tane, who also appears in the video clip. The single will be out at the end of October.

Cory says that it’s too soon to say what’s in the pipeline for 2022, however "the funding from the scholarship is being used to help us to pay for the costs of recording the EP and for keyboard lessons that will help me to develop as a musician."

“Most of the band are off to university next year. We’d possibly like to attend Big Sound 2022 in Australia, we missed out last year due to Covid-19, hopefully not next year”.

Cory says that the lockdowns have had an impact on the band’s progress, and while they’ve played a few virtual gigs it’s just not the same as a packed venue.

As a songwriter, Cory takes his inspiration from everyday situations, including being at school.

“At my school, there are two rules in the music room; no food, and don’t touch the stuff on the teacher’s desk. I like that as a song idea, song ideas are everywhere.”

While music is always the focus for Cory, he loves the process of creating the band’s music videos. Sit Down in Front have a long-term working relationship with Gisborne local and friend Josh O’Neill who has directed and produced most of their music videos.

“The videos are really fun to shoot, like shooting an entire video in my parents’ house during the lockdown, including flooding their bathroom. Or my Dad and Josh spending three weeks building a replica of the Oval Office for our clip ‘Don’t Push the Button’, it was crazy. Filming with Josh is just such a fun experience”.

Cory turned 18 years old in July, he says that the best thing about that is being able to have a drink with his Dad at the pub.

“It’s nice to have one more way to bond with my Dad. He’s managed the band the whole time, he’s the world’s nicest guy. I love my Dad”.

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