Ready to get started?

You can apply for a loan with us if:

  • you’re a New Zealand resident or visa holder over 18 years of age,
  • hold a valid New Zealand driver licence, and
  • have regular income.

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Help us find the right loan for you

So we can make this process as smooth as possible, it’ll help to have a few things handy:

  • Your current New Zealand driver licence
  • Information on what you need the finance for, e.g. vehicle details.

What happens next?

One of our friendly local lending specialists will call you and arrange a time to complete your application.

We’ll need to see:

  • Your current New Zealand driver licence
  • Bank statement showing your income and living expenses from the last 30 days
  • Details of any current loans, overdrafts, credit cards, etc.

We may require further information depending on your circumstances. All decisions are subject to responsible lending inquiries and checks.